2017 January Newsletter

By Santa Barbara Associates on Jan 05, 2017 at 06:54 PM in Newsletters

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Dear Santa Barbara Associates members,

WOW! What a great way to start out the New Year of 2017 at the Santa Barbara Associates Annual Meeting! To think of all the possibilities we have ahead of us in the coming year is awesome! I am thrilled with the choice of speaker for the annual meeting, Hannah Jenner. Her accomplishments are amazing, by breaking glass ceilings, discovering her strengths and pushing herself to keep going even in the toughest of situations. Sound like anyone else you know?

In 2017 the SB Associates are going to embark on our own path to refocus. The ad hoc committee of the Giving Forward Initiative has completed the first phase of the project by opening our committee-advised fund for philanthropic giving with the Santa Barbara Foundation. The next phase will be discussed at the annual meeting, inviting SB Associates members to offer input on how the funds will be dispersed, when and the criteria plus how to continue the growth of the fund.

In 2016, the Program Committee changed the offerings of the monthly luncheons and the topics of the forums to attract more members to attend. Jo Wideman and her committee members did an awesome job! We cannot thank them enough for bringing topics that open our minds to new ideas and possibilities each and every month!

Some of you will remember two years ago at the annual meeting, Michele Jackman led the group in a discussion titled the "Elephant in the Room." We talked about the purpose of the SB Associates. Since then, there has been much discussion at board meetings about the direction in which we will focus. On our 37th anniversary, Louise Andrade, Board Secretary, will lead a discussion on the SB Associates Revitalization Plan, 37 Years and Still Going, as part of our annual meeting agenda.

Many of you in the Associates have broken barriers of one kind or another. Today, you may look back at it and think it was nothing. Today you might be thinking, how do I get back to achieving that same awesome feeling I felt back then when I was unstoppable! OR even better, you still are the unstoppable one but want to hear someone else’s story of making not only the choices to be awesome but the sacrifices and help you put some thoughts into perspective in your life. 

Hannah Jenner has a wonderful outlook on life and the dynamics of what it takes to Achieve Awesomeness in one’s life as a choice! What do you have to lose? Join the other SB Associates on January 23rd at the University Club for our annual meeting, 5:30 to 7:30 pm.

Please RSVP to Jo Wideman or online at our website.


Happy Holidays to all of you and your families! Travel safe and be well!


Nikki Ayers
VP/Acting President


2016 Board of Directors

Ann Moore: President
Nikki Ayers: Vice President
Louise Andrae: Secretary
Lynn Hamilton: Treasurer
Cheri Jasinski: Treasurer

Gretchen Hewlett
Judy Hill
Lynn Holley
Michele Jackman
Pat Jones
Denise Lockhart
Jane Macedo DeVeer
Mary Penny
Sharon Van Gundy
Jo Wideman

Hi Nikki,

We hope to see you at one of our upcoming programs at the University Club, all held on the second Thursday of the month. Drop by and join other SBA members for lunch!


The Program Committee


Michele Jackman, Outgoing Woman of Distinction

While shopping this year, I was drawn to one of those clever hardly readable pads, that lists everything you must do to be happy, to be rich, and finally discovered one revealing the absurdity trying to do all things, be all things, especially during the holidays. At the top of this sheet were three categories:

1) Things you must do for the Holidays (buying); 2) Things you must do every year (trying); and 3) Things you must do if you want presents!

Using these three categories I decided to write my thoughts for myself adding the role of SBA in my life next year. SBA ended up in all three categories. All you need to do is invest time to consider them, with a glass or cup of whatever soothes you.

One: Things you must do immediately and stop putting off: I quickly made my own list and realized the list was short and I was making it take too long to complete. Worse it was growing on its own. Scary.

The most important thing was to check my new calendar each day BEFORE email. I must stop winging it! Can’t let unwanted email, phone scams and other dramas plan my life, or wreck my plans.

Next: Things I must do every year was also a short list and rather boring comprised of recurring rituals like paying various taxes, and tithes for a decent life, and things I still haven’t completed. The important way to rejuvenate was to buy a new calendar, giving myself the gift of a fresh starting point, and a better annual story. Part of that was letting the last year’s “woes” be forgotten through better priorities. One very positive one jumped out… one thing you must do every year is to come to our SBA annual meeting to see where we have come from, where we are going, and how we are getting there on behalf of all our members.

After two years of Board deliberation and transformation, we will be sharing our Rejuvenation Plan— and wanting to hear your voice, so put it on the new calendar and RSVP now. We have a great program on “Choices” planned.

Then, I quickly moved to the 3rd category—things I MUST do if I want presents! Best answer: Tell others what you want for Christmas. Be your own Santa! Tell SBA how we can help!

My grandchildren excited about studying Egypt provided another answer. If dying, the Pharaoh had to take a test that got him or her into the afterlife—Did you give joy? More important, did you find it?

Come to the annual meeting, please, and tell us how we can increase your JOY.

See you January 23rd, as we network with good friends and enjoy the energy and renewal of one’s intentions that brings. Oh, come all ye faithful…and hear our 2017 Rejuvenation plan, evolving out of two years’ contemplation about who we are and what’s next. Give us the gift of your presence and ideas with more joy in mind—so we can all move away from the daily “Bah Humbugs” of life and work into the light of that last refrain in a great holiday song … And a Happy New Year!


The University Club
5:30 - 6:15 cocktails/light supper
6:30 - 7:30 program, annual meeting


As a professional sailor and captain, Hannah Jenner has amassed 280,000 nautical miles at sea, raced around the world as the first female skipper of the Clipper Round the World  Yacht Race and sailed the Atlantic Ocean 17 times. She has faced 60-foot hurricane driven waves, rescued a man over board in near impossible conditions and forged a successful 13-year career in an extremely male dominated sport. Originally from the UK, Hannah came to Santa Barbara in 2015 to take on the role of captain of a 66 foot performance catamaran.

Over the years, Hannah realized a passion for performance coaching and speaking, taking opportunities in the UK to speak with large corporations and even the Royal Air Force on subjects such as teamwork, crisis management and leadership. After studying the Art and Science of Coaching in 2014, Hannah realized that she had a much greater story to tell than just experiences from the high seas.

"Achieving Awesome is a Choice" is the story of how Hannah fought her way through tough times as a teenager and made a conscious choice to get out into the world and discover her true potential.

Hannah is in the process of making plans for retirement from full time professional sailing with the aim of developing a performance coaching business drawing on experiences of breaking through glass ceilings and discovering the strength to keep going in the most demanding of situations.

RSVP by January 18th to Jo Wideman,[email protected]
Guests welcome. Cost: $40 


The book for January is The Samurai's Garden by Gail Tsukiyama, and the meeting will be Tuesday, January 10 in the Sola Room at noon.

We’re currently a merry band of six stalwart reading souls who welcome additions to our group. Meetings are at noon, over lunch, on the second Tuesday of each month in the Cota Room of the University Club.

No purchase necessary, since we avail ourselves of the Santa Barbara Public Library’s "Books in a Bag" service. If you’d like to join in the fun, contact Gretchen Hewlett (450.9186 or [email protected]) to arrange to receive a copy of the current choice.

Lunch is $20.


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Annette Goodheart

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Shawne Mitchell

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Robin Cederlof


Upcoming Events - Mark your calendars!

Speaker luncheons are held on the 2nd Thursday of the month at noon at the University Club.


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