From the President

By Santa Barbara Associates on Nov 09, 2017 at 08:33 PM in President's Message
From the President

Thank you for visiting the Santa Barbara Associates website! We hope we are making the website much more user friendly and convenient for you to attend our events. As Ann Moore stated our Motto says that as members of SBA, we are “Women in Leadership Positions – Making Connections, Sharing Expertise, Inspiring Confidence, Encouraging Growth.” Following in step with the motto the Santa Barbara Associates Board of Directors for 2017 have adopted the following strategic goals:

Provide our Members with Better Communication-


Increase use of website and reading/input into our newsletter. Use social networks personal relationships to contact members and gain more participation from inactive members in their areas of interest. Encourage the membership to share their thoughts, opinions and wants and needs for improving the Santa Barbara Associates.



Really understand the constraints of our current by-laws, if any and increase the
membership, while identifying benefits of membership through programs and opportunities. The goal is to identify two new potential members per month and bring them into the Santa Barbara Associates by the end of the year 2017. Can you help us?



Create or improve our money management processes and use a team approach to keep things current. Determine future uses of money to reflect why we exist, how we can link up with other women’s groups for mutual benefit. Begin on July 1, 2017 an annual dues billing of $25.00 per member to cover annual costs such as insurance.



In addition to membership issues, review any constraints of our charter and propose changes for review, analysis and voting. Continue having Board Meetings the first Wednesday of each month and add an Executive Committee meeting at minimum quarterly to help the Board meet their goals of developing processes and procedures for all committees and Board positions and review association management.



Continue to provide great programs around a theme that is relevant to women leaders seeking to remain informed and learning new tricks, or just seeking social time other members. Continue to promote the value of the Santa Barbara Associates for continuing executive education and development. The 2017 theme is “What’s Happening in Santa Barbara?”

I’m extremely grateful to all the membership for allowing me to serve as the President of the Santa Barbara Associates for 2020. I am in awe of your accomplishments as individuals and as a group. I hope I will get to see and meet more of you in the coming months! On behalf of the Santa Barbara Associates Board of Directors – let’s make this a zinger year!

The best to you all,

Sue Larsen 
President 2020