Lisa Braithwaite

Lisa Braithwaite started performing at the tender age of three when, confronted by her mother about why there was Comet cleanser all over the bathroom, she responded, "Out, damn'd spot! Out, I say!" She's been traumatized by bathrooms ever since.

Her background also includes playing a groovy Santa in a 1977 elementary school Christmas play and making her mother cry as Emily in the 8th grade production of “Our Town.” She occasionally won high school speech tournaments with her award-winning topic of “Brown Bag Lunches.” More recent achievements include faking her way through an interview for a Chicago Tribune article about faking public speaking.

But what’s most important is Lisa’s philosophy of public speaking: That it’s fun, that it’s an awesome way to express yourself creatively, and that passion and enthusiasm are worth more than a thousand techniques.

Also, that public speaking makes you richer, thinner, and better in bed, but you’ll have to read her blog to find out how!

(Now, if you still want all the boring credentials and what I've been doing for work for the past 20+ years, read on...)


School- and community-based training, education and public speaking experience since 1992

Theater performance background

Expertise in adult learning principles

Expertise in communication skills development

Expertise in program and curriculum development


M.A. in Education, UC Santa Barbara

B.A. in Theater, Pomona College

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