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Sue Larsen

Sue Larsen | Partner Owner

Gulley & Larsen Insurance Services, LLC
(805) 569-2607 / Lic. #0E83625

For some of you we don’t know each other, so here is a little about me. I have lived in Santa Barbara most of my adult life. I have two sons, Paul & wife Kim (whom many of you have met), and grandchildren Erik & Elsa, who live here in Santa Barbara. And son Craig who lives in San Jose. I love going to art museums, the opera, concerts and just enjoying our ocean and mountains. I love to travel and have spent time in Europe, China, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and most of the United States. And I enjoy our own University Club.

I have spent a great deal of my life, about 40 years, in the health insurance industry. Most of that time in the corporate world of Blue Cross California as a Staff Vice President. I was a strong activist for the development of women’s benefits and inclusion of ethnic markets. The past 15 years have been in partnership with Phillip Gulley. We specialize in Individual, Senior, and Small Group insurance.

For those on Individual plans – make sure you keep up with enrollment times. If you need to change plans or let the state know your income has changed, it is very important.

Seniors: The Annual Enrollment Period will start October 15 – December 7, 2020. This period is for your Medicare Advantage Plans, which includes your Prescription Drug Plan. Check to see if the drugs you are using are on your plan and if the costs have changed.

Small Group Employers – Renewals – for a number of groups December may be your renewal time. Be sure to review your coverages and make sure they fit your needs along with costs. There are many options that employers may see what they are. And did you know that an owner with one full-time employee may be eligible for a group plan?

I hold a Life, Health & Disability Insurance License. Past President of Santa Barbara Association of Health Underwriters, and past VP of Membership CAHU. Served on the Workforce Board County of SB.

It’s important that during these times of change that you keep in contact with your Agent. I hope to meet all of you soon.

Sue Larsen

Carla Long Director of Planned Giving at Cottage Health

Carla Long

Director of Planned Giving at Cottage Health
(805) 962-1100

There was a period of time in my life when change was definitely in the air. I had recently changed jobs. My father passed away, my mother moved from eastern Montana to Eastern Oregon. Larry, my partner of 35 years, passed away. I became a grandmother. My oldest daughter moved back to Santa Barbara. My youngest daughter followed shortly after. And, my nephew finished college.

Not to be outdone, I sold a view home on the Santa Barbara Mesa and purchased a newer single-story home in North Goleta and acquired a rental. All in a span of about 5 years!

After my move, I realized how all those changes had affected my retirement and estate plans. I used a Cottage Health tool – - Plan Your Will and completed the questionnaire. When I was done, I printed the questionnaire and took it to my estate planning attorney and my retirement advisors to update my plans.

By now, we have all been social distancing and working remotely for so long that the cupboards, sock drawers, and garage storage units have all received a thorough cleaning. I invite you to try the Plan Your Will tool – it is free of charge – and revisit your planning documents. Then print out your questionnaire and have a conversation with your advisors. If you need help selecting advisors, please visit our website to view the Member Roster (contact Sue Larsen if you forgot your login and password). There you will find Santa Barbara Associates who are smart, sophisticated, willing and extremely capable; they can provide professional guidance on many essential planning topics. Santa Barbara Associates are here for you and for each other.

Stay safe and healthy!

Carla Long
Director of Planned Giving, Cottage Health