Santa Barbara Associates Standing Rules

A. Membership Qualifications

Persons eligible for membership in Santa Barbara Associates (hereinafter “SBA”) shall be individuals who are gainfully employed and actively engaged in the pursuit of careers in professions or as executives or in top managerial positions in business or in a nonprofit charitable organizations. 

For purposes of determining eligibility, the following shall serve as guidelines and criteria for the Membership Committee, the same serves as guidelines and criteria only, with individual; persons to be considered for membership on their own abilities and standing in the community so long as they fall within the basic concepts for membership in SBA. The Membership Committee shall make determination on such person’s eligibility and submit its report to the Board of Directors for final action. Should the Membership Committee fail to make such determination, or be unable or unwilling to do so, then such final determination shall be made by the Board of Directors. 

Professions shall include, but not limited to persons licensed by the State of California as attorneys, doctors, dentists, architects, and members of the clergy. 

Business shall include any for-profit organization, whether corporate, partnership or sole proprietorship. 

Non-profit charitable organizations shall be those organizations that have received their tax exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service and the Franchise Tax Board, and are actively engaged in such endeavors in the Santa Barbara area. 

To assist the Membership Committee in its determination as to eligibility, the following additional guidelines are provided: 


Actively engaged in the practice of law, either in a private practice or as an employee of a corporation in the role of a staff attorney; with a city, county, state or federal agency in the capacity of an attorney; judges, commissioners, referees who are also licensed by the State of California as attorneys. 


Certified public accountants, holding an active license from the State of California; persons acting in the capacity of a financial or accounting manager for a governmental agency; persons acting as controller or assistant controller or accounting manager for a private corporation or non-profit organizations. 

Financial Institutions

Persons employed by financial institutions who hold corporate titles or have been designated by management as an officer of the institution. 

Real Estate

Owner of business engaged in real estate activities; persons in high managerial positions in businesses engaged in real estate activities; persons licensed by the State of California as real estate brokers and owners of or in high managerial positions in businesses engaged in real estate activities. 


Persons who are owners, partners or senior officers of a business. In this latter category. “senior officers” shall mean: President, Vice President, Treasurer or Secretary of a corporation. 


Persons who are recognized artists in the Santa Barbara area. 


Federal, state, county or city employees who are in the following categories: heads of departments or divisions, or who hold positions of managerial responsibility. 

Social Workers

Persons holding a degree or certificate in the field of expertise, such degree to be an advanced degree in the field of endeavor. 


Presidents of colleges or universities; teachers and professors holding advanced degrees (M.A. or better); school principals; department heads. 

Community Service Agencies

Executive directors, manager, or other similar title utilized in the particular agency to designate the persons who hold senior positions with an agency and who are fundraising professionals. 

Elected Officials

By invitation only; one year membership as set forth in the by-laws; dues-paying by non-voting. 

Volunteers in Community Service

Persons who volunteer their time and expertise to community or charitable organizations, were they to be part of the paid staff, would qualify for a senior position with such agency or organization. This category is restricted to no more than ten percent (10%) of the total membership. 

Retired Members

Members who were actively engaged in a profession or business which permitted initial membership in SBA and who subsequently retire from such profession or business while a member of SBA, may retain their voting membership for as long as they may wish, so long as they continue to abide by all other rules and regulations of SBA. 


Persons licensed by the State of California in one of the following categories: 

Property-Casualty ­­­– Agent and Broker Licenses; owner of agency or Agency Principal 

Life-Health-Disability – Agent license, holding CLU designation (Charter Life Underwriter), Member in good standing of local, state and National Association of Life Underwriters. 


Persons licensed by the State of California as members of the clergy. 

Reporters, Journalists, Writers

Persons employed as reporters, journalists, and/or writers with newspapers, television, or radio who are personally identified with a column or program (such as a byline in a newspaper). 


Persons duly licensed by the State of California as architects 

Persons retired from Qualified Professions/Businesses

Applicants who are retired from business or professional positions which would otherwise qualified them for membership were they still active in such professions or business may be accepted for membership but only as “Retired Members,” subject to the following conditions:

  • The membership fee shall be the same as that established for all other members: and
  • This category is restricted to more than 10 percent (10%) of the total membership.

Additional categories and/or definitions for such categories may be added to the above from time to time upon the vote of a majority of the members of SBA attending a meeting called for that purpose. 

B. Membership – Procedures for Admission 

The procedures for submitting a person’s name for consideration for membership shall be as follows:

  1. The member who is seeking to submit the name of someone for membership (sponsor) shall obtain from a member of the board of Directors the form of application for membership pursuant to the guidelines established for eligibility.
  2. Sponsor must then obtain two other members of the club to co-sponsor the applicant.
  3. The application is submitted to the Membership Committee.
  4. The Membership Committee, at its next meeting, will act upon the application to determine eligibility. If the Committee approves ands recommends the nominated person to the Board for membership, the decision of the Board shall be final and conclusive.
  5. If the Board approves the Membership Committee’s recommendation, then such individual shall be invited to membership. A formal letter of invitation shall be sent by the President to such individual, inviting such person to membership, and enclosing a copy of the SBA’s bylaws and standing rules.
  6. Upon such person’s acceptances of the invitation to membership and payment of initiation fees (and dues, if any), the sponsoring member shall be responsible for bringing the new member to SBA meetings, introducing the new member to other members and generally assisting in making the new member comfortable and at ease in SBA.
  7. If the Membership Committee’s recommendation is for denial of membership, and the Board concurs, then the sponsor of the nominated person shall be so notified.
  8. It is recommended, but not necessary, that prior to sponsoring a new member, the sponsor shall make the proposed new member acquainted with other members so that the applicant is known to a number of members prior to being submitted for membership.
  9. The initiation fee and dues (if any) is due and payable within thirty (30) days of notification as a member

C. Membership – Transferability

Membership in SBA shall be restricted to personal memberships, and not transferable.

Should an organization of corporation purchase a membership on behalf of one or more of its employees, the membership shall, nevertheless, be in the name of such employee, and is not transferable to another employee of the same organization or corporation.

Upon the resignation of a member, the records of SBA shall reflect the date of such member’s resignation. A resigned member may renew membership within one year of such resignation without penalty. After one year, renewal of membership will be on the same basis as a new member and the procedures shall be followed, including payment of the then established initiation fee.

D. Membership Initiation Fee 

The initiation fee for membership in Santa Barbara Associates shall be $300. 

E. Meetings – Annual

Only members of SBA shall attend the annual meeting of the corporation. 

F. Meetings – Regular 

SBA shall hold a minimum of four (4) educational programs annually. Guests may be invited to any of these programs 

G. Directors – Standing Committees 

Standing committees of SBA shall be Membership, Affiliate, Hospitality, Finance, and Program Committees. 

The Membership Committee shall recruit new members for SBA, and shall arrange functions or meetings toward that end. SBA shall underwrite the expense of a breakfast or lunch for prospective members at functions conducted for the purpose of recruiting new members. 

The Affiliate Committee shall interface with the University Club for the purpose of creating a communication bridge between the two organizations. 

The Hospitality Committee shall be responsible for taking member’s reservations for announced functions. 

The Finance Committee shall prepare an annual budget and a year-end financial statement. 

The Program Committee shall arrange for the required educational programs and any other functions of SBA not arranged for by other committees. 

H. Directors – Nominating Committee 

A Nominating Committee shall be appointed by the President. The Committee shall consist of five (5) members, three (3) of whom shall be members of the Board of Directors. The Committee shall be appointed in October and shall recommend its slate of new board members to the Board of Directors at its December meeting.

I. Directors – Communications 

The Board of Directors shall communicate with members through a monthly newsletter, the expense of which shall be underwritten by SBA. 

Periodically, the Board of Directors shall direct that a questionnaire be transmitted to all inactive members to solicit such members as to their desire to remain members of SBA, and the responses from such members shall be reflected in the directory and shall affect appropriately the distribution to such members of the monthly newsletter. 

J. Officers – President’s Discretionary Fund 

The President shall have a $300 discretionary fund to be used for miscellaneous purposes requiring immediate action, such as flowers for an ill member, gifts, etc. Such a fund shall always be maintained at an amount to be determined by the Board, being replenished each time a portion thereof is used by the President for such authorized purposes 

K. Amendment 

Amendment, modification, change or correction may be made at any time and from time to time at the discretion of the acting Board of Directors. Members may submit suggestions in writing to the Board for action at a regularly scheduled meeting. 

Adopted by members at 

Annual Meeting, January 2007